“Doing a documentary is about discovering,

being open, learning, and following curiosity.”

- Spike Jonze

Sincerely, A Feminist


In an open letter from young feminists, this journalistic documentary explores what will come next following the recent Women's March on Washington. 

Still in Motion


Emma Wishnow, a student in the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, talks about her inspirations and aspirations as a budding photojournalist.

Democratic National Convention

At the 2016 DNC, this video blog highlights the interviews with delegates, super delegates, and political figures.

The Perspectives Project: Fear

Fear is a universal affliction. We asked people to share their fears, and more specifically, the time they were most scared. 

Pokemon Go Ambush

We take to the streets of NYC and ambush interview people about Pokemon Go, summer 2016's biggest fad app. 

Love & Equality Rally


"Love Always Wins", "Stronger Together", "Free to be Me"... These were some of the words heard at the  Love and Equality Rally in NYC. Accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival, Julia Newman produced this film. 

The Enigmatic Life Cycle of Waste


We throw away water bottles, plastic bags, food wrappers daily. But where does all this waste go? In this short documentary, I explore the disposal process of garbage within Essex County, NJ.

In the Shadows


Depression is a leading cause of adolescent suicide. Although the issue is publicized by adults, rarely is it discussed openly by teens themselves. This documentary explores issues of teenage depression with insights from anonymous adolescents and a working psychologist.

Pastel Project


Documentary following highschool artist Anne Kramer as she creates her pastel project.