“Believe in your character. Animate (or write) with sincerity.”

- Glen Keane 

707: A Sitcom Episode 2


Directed by Julia Newman, this is the second episode for Emerson's sitcom "707." Episode 2, "A Game Night" follows the gang as what was supposed to be date night turns into a hilarious mess. 

Live with It


This interactive short portrays the all-to-familiar scenario of having a "weird roommate." In this case, "weird" is a colossal understatement. ​

Click the screen below to view the film.

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707: A Sitcom Episode 1


Directed by Julia Newman, this is the Pilot episode for Emerson's sitcom "707." The show follows four freshman year suite mates as they learn and adjust to college at Emerson. 

Blood Brothers


Written by Julia Newman, this short film follows a teenage boy, Mason, as he struggles to deal with the consequences of a friendship plagued by confusion, misunderstanding, and deceit.

Where is Art?

An experimental film asking the question, where is art? Shot on the OSMO camera, the goal of this film was to discover art anywhere and everywhere throughout the city.

The Forbidden Land

A teenage girl absentmindedly wanders into the men's bathroom... she fights to avoid the unbearable awkwardness of confronting a boy in this short comedic sketch.

New York City


I set out to explore diversity in the city: from neighborhood corners to rooftops with killer views, Central Park at sundown, quirky Washington Square Park, and, of course, the people of New York. As a kid, the crowds, noise, and pace of NYC gave

me nightmares. But later, behind the lens of a camera, my perspective of The Big Apple changed. 

This is Me

This narrative-driven story shares my failures and successes studying music, revealing the importance of perseverance. 


A short video produced for Fusfoo's Travel Vlog section. 

From Above

Hilltop High School gets shaken up after the principal announces tragic news of a best friend's death. Written and directed by Julia Newman at SOCAPA in Los Angeles in one week. 


This travel film interwinds the beauty and aesthetic of the city of lights with its' rich history.