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samples or scripts available upon request  

Letters to Ellie

hour drama

Ellie was a vivacious, young New Yorker in the 1970s, but today, she is plagued with Alzheimer’s. When her daughter, Leslie, finds a box of her old love letters, she discovers unknown truths about her biological identity. 

Sad Hatters

half-hour comedy

After her parents gamble away her college savings, Jenny Nichols, for the first time, needs to get a job. With no experience or concrete skills, the only gig she can land is at a dysfunctional hat shop, which quickly becomes her home away from home. 

Out of Focus


A youthful dramedy that follows a high school senior’s quest to find her absent father after stumbling across what she thinks is his journal at a flee market in NYC.

A Million Aisles Away

two act musical

"A Million Aisles Away" is a rollicking romantic musical comedy that follows a lonely florist's journey in pursuit of love at a superstore on Black Friday.

Music & Lyrics by Utsav Bhargava and Luna Abréu Santana


half-hour animated comedy

Raid! is an adult animated show about a group of orphaned, misfit pests living in the basement of a suburban home. The lost and outcast pests band together to survive the human attacks on their home.

Get Ready For Your Life to Fall Apart


A non-fiction comedy memoir about the odd jobs (like working at a haberdashery, on a whale-watching boat, or in a maternity ward) and odd people who have proven to be surprisingly pivotal throughout my time at college. 

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